Crochet Baby Hats

Our high quality crochet knit hats are perfect for your little girl!  They are made out of 100% Soft cotton.

Each hat is available in one size. The hat measures approximately 6.5” to 7.5" from top to bottom and 14” to 15" around at the rim when layed flat  and unstretched.  The hat looks fashionable and adorable. This is a perfect gift for a special little girl!  They also make a great baby gift!

  • The hats are hand crocheted with cotton thread.
  • Made from a trendy and soft material knit hat with a pretty tight knit.
  • We add a colorful ribbon as decoration to make it even cuter.
  • The elastic is hidden in the rim of the hat.
  • Flexible to fit any head shape.
  • Ideal for infants over 3 months old and for toddlers