About Us

What is Three Bears Hair Bows?
Three Bears Hair Bows is all about being cute!  It’s an online store offering quality, hand-made hair bows in many unique and hard to find styles to add the perfect touch to a special little girl’s outfit.  Our site is currently offering hair bows, clippies, headbands and infant girl's crocheted and knit hats for any occasion! We are always looking for new products to expand our selection to make your baby girl look even cuter. Please feel free to contact us if you have product suggestions.

Who are the Three Bears?
ThreeBearsHairBows.com was started by two best friends with three amazing little girls who we lovingly call the bears.  The bears are now 7, 3, and 1 year old.  We have always loved hair bows and have been using them in our kids hair since they were infants.  For baby girls, we use a crocheted headband and a hair bow clipped to it.  As the babies grow, the hair bow can be removed from the headband and used separately.  For the bigger girls, we offer hair bows in many sizes, styles and colors so you will always be able to find the bow that is just right for the occasion.  Our girls love to pick out the perfect hair bow every morning to match their outfits and always get compliments on how cute they look.

Why did we start Three Bears Hair Bows?
As Mommies, we are always on the hunt for the perfect hair bow to coordinate with our little bear’s special outfits.   As friends, our kids often share bows from our private stock.  Over the years, we have accumulated quite the collection and have spent a ton of money for hair bows.  We realized that hair bows don’t have to be so expensive and decided to find a way to sell cute, top quality hair bows at a reasonable price.  This is where our idea was born!